Coffee is our Connection 
to the Future

It is said that the origins of coffee can be traced back to either early Arabia or Ethiopia. To a time when coffee was not as widely available or consumed as it is today. At this time coffee was a luxury and lauded for its ability to calm the mind.

Over the next couple of centuries coffee made its way into almost every country around the world, giving birth to an array of unique coffee consuming traditions. Traditions that have continued to change as coffee’s role in society evolves.

Ogawa Coffee has continued to innovate and adapt to the changing times, by working together with passionate people from around the world to continuously produce fine coffee.

Throughout the history of human kind coffee has always been an oasis for the five senses, enriching the body and mind, and bringing a moment of peace to the constant motion of society. In order to protect coffee for future generations it is necessary for us to sway the hearts of all those involved in its production, from producer to consumer. We all need to work together to protect coffee for future generations and move to a more sustainable future.

Ogawa Coffee will always maintain its philosophy of creating high quality products with integrity and wholeheartedness. Our goal to produce high quality coffee is not the only thing we aim for here at Ogawa Coffee. With every bean that we roast and every cup that we brew, we strive to create coffees that resonates with our customers and contributes to a sustainable society. It is our wish that every sip of our coffee is not only drunken with one’s mouth but also with one’s heart.

By talking about the coffee’s long journey from bean to brew, I believe that you can feel gratitude for the earth and the people who sweat and work there. If we can understand these connections, we may be able to better see what we must protect.

Coffee is a drink with a mysterious power. With its origin lying in medicinal usage, coffee is a beverage that relaxes our body and mind, allowing us to see clearly the problems that lay before us. In the face of hardships, coffee heals people's hearts. Now more than ever before, this has become a necessity for the people as for the first time we are facing a global crisis.

Finest coffee fulfills the body and mind, awakens one’s consciousness, this is where a new coffee story begins. We will continue to create coffee with outstanding taste that connects to such a future and deliver it with our utmost sincerity.


Hideaki Ogawa