Sales Channels

The trust relationship with the coffee shops

OGAWA COFFEE started its business as a roaster that offered its coffee beans to coffee shops. You can drink many different types of our coffee at cafes with the OC logo signs.

We sincerely listen to the views and demands of the shop owners and customers to find the taste and flavor that meets their needs. The trust relationship between the coffee shops and us includes 3200 coffee shops centered in the Kansai Area. These days, there are also more and more inquiries from the Kanto Area.

OGAWA COFFEE owned shops presenting Coffee Artisans

OGAWA COFFEE has 10 of its own coffee shops. For a pleasant time with good tasting coffee, we produce and value most “Kyoto hospitality” which combines the shop atmosphere and the warmth of the staff

Our specially skilled baristas serve espresso drinks and hand drip coffee.

Also, we use “Kyo-ware” and “Kiyomizu-ceramic-ware” cups painted with flowers that express the changes of the seasons.

The nationwide distribution network

“Enjoying the coffee artisan’s coffee at home” is what we desire.

We have a nationwide distribution network expanding to department stores, retail stores, and consumer’s co-operatives. We are exploring new business opportunities to provide the taste and aroma of our high quality coffee to our customers.

The development of various articles from the customers’ voices

OGAWA COFFEE has developed several kinds of blended coffee to fully satisfy coffee shop owners and customers. Through the communications with our customers, new series or packages of coffee have been created one after another which support various needs and demands of the seasonal changes. We are positive about producing lineups of not only organic coffee beans but also “specialty coffee”, which features distinctive flavors, accounting for only few percent of the whole crop. You can buy specialty coffees on our Internet shop, at coffee shops with the OC logo signs, our own coffee shops, department stores, retail stores, or through consumer’s co-operatives.