Outline of the Company

Formal Establishment February 28, 1957
Capital 25 million yen
President Hideaki Ogawa
Lines of Business Roasting of coffee, Wholesale of tea, related goods, imported food and coffee shop materials
Head Office 75 Kitashozakai-cho, Nishikyogoku, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan 6150802
TEL + 81 75-313-7333
FAX + 81 75-321-5609
Offices Shiga, Nagoya and Tokyo
Factory Kyoto
Confectionery Shiga


1952 Hidetsugu Ogawa started independent business in Nakagyo Ward of Kyoto
1952 Established coffee business in Takakura Rokkaku, Kyoto
1957 Founded OGAWA COFFEE Co., LTD.
1970 Opened the first Ogawa Coffee shop in Fushimi, Kyoto
1972 Founded office in Yasu city, Shiga
1976 Relocated the head office to Nishikyogoku, Kyoto
1986 Founded office in Hikone city, Shiga
1991 Founded office in Okayama city, Okayama
1991 Founded office in Ibaraki city, Osaka
1996 Started Office Service Coffee Business
1996 Founded office in Nara city, Nara
1997 Hideaki Ogawa is inaugurated as president of Ogawa Coffee
2000 Received ISO9001 certification
2001 Kyoto Factory received Organic JAS certification
2002 Relocated the head office to their current location
2005 Integrated Nara office into Osaka office
2008 Received Privacy Mark certification
2010 Opened the office in Shibuya, Tokyo
2011 Integrated Hikone office into Shiga office
2013 Expanded floor space of Tokyo office
2013 Established OGAWA COFFEE HOLDINGS Co., LTD.
2015 Expanded floor space of head office
2016 Integrated Osaka office into head office
2017 Kyoto Factory received FSSC22000 certification
2019 Merger of Okayama office and head office
2019 Establishment of office in Nagoya City


Formal Establishment 1974
Capital 15 million yen
Representative President Ogawa Hideaki
Lines of Business Coffee Shop, Retail sale of coffee beans and coffee-related goods, Production and Sale of cake
Head Office Kyoto


1974 Integrated 12 shops and established Oliver Coffee Co., Ltd.
1976 Opened the head shop with relocation of head office(Current Kyoto Factory)
1998 Altered the Corporate name, OGAWA COFFEE CREATES CO., LTD.
2002 Opened the new head shop (current address) with relocation of head office
2003 Opened confectionery in Otsu city, Shiga
2008 Received Privacy Mark certification
10 Cafes Directly Managed (October, 2018)