Kyoto’s Coffee Making

Mr.Hideaki Ogawa

When I drank coffee for the first time, I remember that it only tasted “bitter”. However, getting used to coffee, I found the difference of the real quality of a particular coffee. I was feeling rich taste of the bitter flavor, deriving satisfaction from another level and getting to know the depth of coffee. Quality coffee is as much an attraction as Kyoto where we cannot enjoy and understand all of it just for the first time, “Ichigen”. We are the Coffee Artisans in Kyoto pursuing the perfection of this high quality coffee. We have made progress on the distinct character of OGAWA COFFEE through all the consistent processes that start from selecting coffee beans grown by devoted coffee farmers to serving one amber cup. What we seek is not only good-tasting coffee. It is discovering and providing the coffee’s value that leads humans, nature and the whole environment in a positive direction. This is our dream.